Are Veritas back on the innovation train?

Are Veritas back on the innovation train? Is Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack the next big thing?

Let’s face it; Veritas have always been innovative when it comes to Software Defined Storage (SDS)- it’s their DNA after all. But what’s missing from OpenStack that HyperScale provides? And why are Veritas so relevant?

If you are familiar with the Horizon UI (OpenStack dashboard) you will know that there is no storage or data management plane, Also, there is no simple way to understand storage consumption, usage, and associated costs. This is where Veritas simply plug-in with a split “compute” high performance primary copy and a commodity cheap and deep storage secondary copy “Data” plane. This provides commodity scale out capability in either plane (compute performance, or data management) together with integration into NetBackup for a true “Data Management Platform”. Moreover, OpenStack customers now have visibility into tiers of SDS and can align compute & storage profiles.

To be successful in adopting OpenStack and recognising the associated benefits, a strong understanding of workload management and scale out architecture is required together with the blended capabilities of the underlying OpenStack projects. Insentra are lucky enough to have some of the highest qualified OpenStack & Veritas consultants in the market (in fact the only OpenStack certified resource outside of RedHat) and we have use case based scenarios ready to present and discuss.

Solve the “noisy neighbour” problem by adopting “flavours” in Hyperscale to ensure applications can co-exist whilst being able access the resources and performance they require. Solve the ever changing “data protection” problem by leveraging the data plain for uninterrupted protection of critical workloads with single click integration with NetBackup.

It’s exciting to see Veritas with such a strong offering in a somewhat misunderstood or misinterpreted market. OpenStack together with Veritas HyperScale innovation at its best.

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