Transitioning to Office 365

Join CEO Ronnie Altit and PM Gary Cohen in their chat about transitioning to Office 365 and the various considerations involved.

Stay til the end for a special behind the scenes look!


[00:00:15] It’s interesting because it’s actually less about what they expect when they’re there, it’s more about what they don’t think about when they go into Office 365.

[00:03:21] What we’re able to do is actually start to set up some triggers so we can look for anomalous situations like that and have them provide alert.

[00:04:33] I think what’s also important to talk about is once the data’s in 365, people don’t realize as well that it still requires a backup strategy.

[00:05:12] Backup as a Service gives an insurance policy and also makes it really quick to be able to recover.

[00:10:55] That’s what we do with our service, is that we’ll put in the right flags that people need to work out.

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