The Citrix Summit Series: Nick Cross and Chalan Aras

In this installment of The Summit Series, Citrix NSW/ACT Field Sales Manager Nick Cross interviews Chalan Aras, Head of SD-WAN at Citrix.

Nick and Chalan discuss what SD WAN delivers for clients and end users, and the latest announcements from Citrix Summit.


[00:29] What Citrix does, we’re essentially helping our customers deliver applications or workspaces.

[00:52] We have a leading product that helps app delivery with SD-WAN from the cloud, SAS, data center.

[01:52] We believe our SD-WAN is the best solution because we have all the adjustments and ability to understand applications.

[02:20] As we evolve the SD-WAN technology, we’re also finding that our customers have relatively sophisticated networks.

[03:23] These are the new things that we’re delivering forth, scale, simplicity, easy connectivity to Cloud.

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