The Citrix Summit Series: Aaron Parker and Nabeel Youakim

In this installment of The Summit Series, Insentra’s Aaron Parker interviews Nabeel Youakim, Vice President of Products and Alliances.

Nabeel and Aaron discuss just how much Citrix has evolved over the past 20 years. Nabeel explores the importance of Citrix’s relationship with Microsoft and how Azure and Microsoft Office 365 are evolving the channel.


[02:05] MS does have a pretty interesting announcement coming out very soon in regards to RDS workloads

[02:24] First of all, it’s impt to understand that MS are investing in the RDS platform is great news for Citrix customers,

[05:00] it’s going to be very, very exciting because now people can deploy W10 and RDS all in the same envt, on-prem as in the Cloud.

[05:58] with Citrix Cloud and their hybrid model, we’ve made it very, very easy for customers to migrate to the Cloud.

[06:26] With Citrix Cloud, it’s true hybrid model, where you can move in either direction whenever you want to. You get the best performance, the best cost, the best application compatibility for your applications and your users.

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