The Challenges of VDI

Join David Young and Aaron Parker as they discuss the challenges of Virtual Desktop Environments and how to overcome them.


David Young (D): Thanks for joining us today. Aaron it’s been a long time since I saw you. Last time I think I saw you, you were heading back down under on a plane, and now you’re back, it’s so good to see you!

Aaron Parker (A): Thanks, I’m slowly getting over the jet lag.

D: I have heard and I have one around here that you can drink a Monster to get over that, no advertisement intended but I like to use those.

D: Let’s talk a little bit about some of the challenges on VDI. You and I have been doing this forever and I was telling Aaron earlier my first VDI was remotely anywhere on GSX. I had a business problem to solve so I actually drew up a bunch of machines on GSX and brought them in remotely anywhere. And that was to solve a business problem but as we start to think about what’s going on I’m sure you’re seeing a ton of challenges out there and lets talk about that for a couple of minutes.

A: I think it can be easily shrunk down to user experience. And that means a lot of different things for different people but were talking about what a user knows, the way an application response, and looks and feels like on a physical desktop, and they want that same lok and feelthe same performance, responsiveness that they get on virtual desktop.

So, think about what we’re doing with GPUs for example. Your operation system is nice animation and it pops and glides around the screen and they want exactly he same feel. When I’m delivering a virtual desktop, I want performance to be exactly the same or perhaps even better. I’m going out and I’m spending a fair investment in a remote desktop solution and I want to ensure that for that to be successful, the user has to be happy. So, I have to concentrate on user experience.

D: So, in a nutshell I think what you’re saying is if my user experience isn’t as good or better than physical, the user’s not going to like it.

A: Exactly! I’ve seen it time and time again that users revolt and the environment doesn’t get used in the capacity they had expected it to be used.

D: Or they go out and buy their own laptop and start doing things and next thing you know…what’s the recent one that went through? The WannaCry virus came through and wiped out a bunch of people’s data and I don’t think it was just because of bad IT management but it was people doing their own thing because the experience was not what they wanted it to be and It’s been so easy for users to do that these days.

D: Hey it has been a pleasure, it’s been great talking to you! Have a good day.

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