Successful VDI Deployments with Insentra and FSLogix

Join David Young and Aaron Parker as they speak about successful VDI deployments and why they were a success.


David Young (D): Thanks for joining us today. Aaron it’s been a long time since I saw you. Last time I think I saw you, you were heading back down under on a plane, and now you’re back, it’s so good to see you!

Aaron Parker (A): Thanks, I’m slowly getting over the jet lag.

D: I have heard and I have one around here that you can drink a Monster to get over that, no advertisement intended but I like to use those.

A: At Insentra we have this really nice intersection between what we’re doing with Office 365 and our strong Citrix practice we need to look at a solution that provides a great user experience when we put office 365 on top of XenApp and XenDesktop. And of course, we are doing that with FSLogix. So, both with office 365 containers as well as profile container.  We’re not just solving the challenge of O365 with its Outlook, OneDrive for Business, Windows Search, giving that user that local-like experience, but it’s also logon times. I want to make sure that users can get access to their desktop really, really quickly, so we’re looking at how we solve the challenge of profiles as well.

D: When we talk about profiles I think you were a guy along with a couple of other guys who did a stand-up comedy show on there’s a 100 things wrong with my VDI deployment and 99 are related to…

A: I’ve got 99 problems and folder redirection is every one of them.

D: That’s it. I can’t always remember…

A: We did 2 years in a row there was Helge Klein, Shawn Bass and myself. We spent a lot of time testing different scenarios, presented those at past synergy events.

D: For those that aren’t deep into the woods like we are, I like to summarise the difference between FSLogix and folder redirection. Folder redirection is “fetch and bring it back”. FSLogix is intercept the folder and go grab the bytes. And when we look at it from that perspective it a total different footprint on what kind of deal has been transferred if for the user that means things are fast. I can take my login time to 30+ seconds to sub 20 seconds and even lower if I can eliminate GPOs and things like that. Are your users appreciating that when you deploy it for them? They think of is as deploying it for an internal system.

A: My primary device is a physical desktop but I need to access XenApp for a number of our applications we use so I’m using it on a fairly regular basis but when I want to go and access it, I don’t want to wait around…

D: You’re one of those selfish users too – it’s got to be as good or better than your physical experience.

A: Because I’m using this remotely and when I go access this remote version desktop why Is the experience different? That’s log on times, I want to be able to launch the application quickly as possible and then I use outlook in the environment because it hooks into our CRM system, I want Outlook to be responsive as well. So I need everything there.

D: Hey it has been a pleasure, it’s been great talking to you! Have a good day.

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