Streamlining Produces the Best Business Outcomes

We’re only a few weeks into the financial year and our marketing team has hit the ground running, busily preparing for us exhibiting as a key sponsor at Microsoft’s upcoming Australia Partner Conference in early September. We have some big changes coming up for us which we are all excited about internally.

Our marketing journey has seen us come from a position one year ago of virtually no repeatable process to now starting to resemble a well-oiled machine. – we’re not there yet but we are well on our way.

I mentioned before that we hired two marketing graduates – fresh out of university, full of energy, passion and ideas. At the time we used improvisation and our limited knowledge to build bridges as we went, and it wasn’t a lot of fun. In fact it was draining. We realised that it was an inefficient way to work as we were reinventing the wheel every time we undertook an initiative.

So the opportunity ahead was how we help our marketing grads grow and at the same time be highly efficient, whilst immersing them into the technical space which is the world of IT.

Each project or piece of work we completed had a process which could be tweaked and used again and again for other initiatives. It was time to begin documenting these processes and looking at ways to streamline the activities. Processes that originally took 3-4 times as long are now running more smoothly and efficiently, meaning we have more time for the expanding list of projects as discussed in my previous blog.

Creating a repeatable framework is starting to deliver other significant benefits. Firstly, we are now more productive and bringing our content to market quickly and consistently. Secondly, it helps us to keep focused on our overall message and vision. Using processes and checklists, we can better create content that reflects our company image, voice, and message, and remain consistent in all aspects of our branding.

I’m sure many experienced marketers have these processes in place. For us it has been an excellent opportunity for the leadership team and our marketing grads to grow and learn with the business – which was our aim when deciding to hire graduates to begin with.

Our marketing transformation journey is in no way complete. We continue to hit hurdles every day and with the help of our graduates and a fresh way of looking at these challenges we are finding unique ways to navigate around them.

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