Meet the 2016 CRN Fast50!

Growth: 84.46%
2015-16 revenue: $10,434,257

State: NSW
Founded: 2010
Employees (at time of entry): 50
Key executive: Ronnie Altit

In their own words: “Insentra has enjoyed a massive year of growth with major strategic wins, notably including a major telecommunications company. Microsoft Consulting Services engaged Insentra to assist in the largest Office 365 project in Australia, being a 70,000 seat live mailbox and 140,000 email archive migration.

“The MCS Services sales executive was so impressed with the work at Insentra that she said to her entire team, ‘Without Insentra this transaction would never have happened. They came in and addressed every question quickly and effectively. They are without doubt the experts in this space and are the reason why we closed this deal’.”

Pictured: Ronnie Altit, managing director

Check out the full 2016 CRN Fast50 list.

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