Australia | Leveraging the Microsoft Deployment Vouchers

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Leveraging the Microsoft Deployment Vouchers

Australia | Leveraging the Microsoft Deployment Vouchers

If your organisation has recently invested in Microsoft 365 (M365) licenses, you may be eligible for funding through Microsoft’s FastTrack Deployment Voucher Program to help design and implement M365 products. Often organisations are unaware that there may be funding available from Microsoft, missing the opportunity to get access to support and skills when implementing solutions.

What are Deployment Vouchers?

Deployment vouchers is a funding program similar to End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) managed by Microsoft that is often available to eligible customers who have recently purchased or uplifted their M365 licensing. They are intended to help offset the costs associated with either implementing or migrating to M365 by leveraging professional services from a Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner (FRP).By using a Microsoft FRP, customers can redeem vouchers and utilise the funding towards professional services helping to offset the overall project costs.

Why Use FastTrack Deployment Vouchers?

There are many compelling benefits to leveraging deployment vouchers for your M365 project: 

  • Save on the cost of implementation: Vouchers can often cover a significant portion of migration, deployment, adoption, and change management services delivered by a partner.  
  • Expert guidance tailored to your needs: Partners have extensive experience with hundreds of M365 deployments. They can provide best practices and advice tailored to your specific use cases and business requirements. This also avoids having to upskill your internal IT team to implement a solution once. 
  • Accelerate your time-to-value: Working with experienced partners, customers can reduce the deployment timelines whilst minimising disruption to accelerate the realisation of M365’s productivity, collaboration and efficiency gains. 
  • Drive user adoption: Partners can provide communications, training and support to drive user adoption of new Microsoft solutions. This maximises the value of your investment. 
  • Optimise integrations: Partners can seamlessly integrate M365 with your existing systems and processes to create a unified technology environment.
  • Stay on budget: The fixed-cost vouchers allow you to control and pre-define project spending for M365 rollouts.
  • Maximise licensing investments: Vouchers help ensure you implement all the capabilities you are paying for within the M365 ecosystem. 

With substantial cost savings, expert guidance, accelerated adoption, and optimised integrations, FastTrack deployment vouchers deliver tremendous value. They are one of the best ways to maximise ROI on your M365 investment.

How Do Deployment Vouchers Work?

As a Microsoft FastTrack Partner, Insentra can work with your Microsoft accounts team to see if any vouchers are available for your organisation.  

If qualified, Microsoft will notify you directly that vouchers are available and Insentra can then work with you to develop a project plan and a Statement of Work to leverage the funding.  

The vouchers allow Insentra to provide services fully or partially paid for by Microsoft as an “investment” in your success. This acts as a discount on the overall cost of your project.

Leverage the available funding 

In summary, proactively asking about Microsoft Deployment Vouchers is a smart move for companies considering M365. Don’t wait for Microsoft to tell you about them – engage Insentra to find out if you qualify for these rebates to offset your rollout costs. 

The vouchers are there to help accelerate your transition to the cloud. Combined with Insentra’s proven deployment expertise, they can help you with your M365 implementation and maximise the value of your investment. Contact us today to start the conversation. 


Australia | Leveraging the Microsoft Deployment Vouchers

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Australia | Leveraging the Microsoft Deployment Vouchers

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