Insentra Partners with Juriba

The Microsoft Partner Conference last month left us with meaningful knowledge, relationships and conversations that brought the partner community closer than ever before. A highlight of those relationships, is our new partnership with Juriba, a global developer of IT migration project management software.

In his previous role within Global Technology Infrastructure, Barry Angell, now the Chief Technology Officer of Juriba, realised that managing multiple IT projects, across an increasingly complex end user estate, drives a significant amount of cost and inefficiency into the IT budget. This is a problem Barry, along with the other founders, encountered continuously in their experiences.

Additionally, Barry saw that whether it be a simple hardware refresh, or a large-scale IT transformation, each project would re-invent the wheel, taking little or nothing from previous experiences and causing a period of slow startup.

So the company was founded with the mission to disrupt this repeating cycle by building a software platform from which projects can be quickly established with minimal effort, in an easy to understand interface. Juriba’s software is designed to reduce the pain of enterprise IT migration.

Dashworks – Juriba’s flagship product

Dashworks enables organisations to accelerate IT transformation projects through agent-less, user-centric compatibility analysis and dynamic project delivery management. Some of the largest companies across the globe have discovered why Juriba’s software is the best way to project manage large, complex IT migration projects.

By partnering with Juriba, we gain access to world class project workflow management systems that are of paramount importance for both Migration and consolidating deep level insights and reporting.

Juriba and Insentra will work in close collaboration over the next few months to expand on Office 365 and Windows migration projects as well as on-premise and cloud migrations.

As we are always aiming to attain knowledge and skills in solutions that will best empower the channel, our teams will be trained on Juriba’s IT Transformation tool, Dashworks, to be able to:

  • Accelerate Windows 10, Office 365 migrations and other IT transformation projects
  • Create more repeatable IT migration solutions for customers
  • Create new services for partners assessing and migrating large enterprises in the region (e.g., Windows 10 Assessment)
  • Achieve Evergreen IT for our partner’s clients.

We are excited to strengthen our partnership in the coming months and years and deliver together the best possible solution to our clients.

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