Insentra Citrix Services

Who is Insentra and why work with us?

Insentra works closely with Citrix to deliver high quality services across all Citrix solutions.  There are a number of reasons why Citrix, as well as their Partners, use Insentra from a Professional Services perspective, the crux of which is our experience and capabilities around all Citrix solutions.

With 4 of our Technical Consultants being part of the Citrix MVP program, and each having over 15 active years of successful experience, the Citrix team at Insentra always delivers high quality service all across the Citrix Product Portfolio. This Team has existed for 4 years, and in that time, Insentra have designed and implemented circa. 100 Citrix projects.

There are three scenarios as to why our Partners use Insentra for their Citrix Professional Services.

  1. They don’t have any Citrix skills, so we help them with anything to do with Citrix
  2. They don’t have the relevant skills in a particular area or project, so will use our expertise in just that area
  3. They have the necessary skills across the board but are time poor and use us as overflow. We then lend them bodies and implement environments.

How does Insentra approach a Citrix Project?

The design and implementation of Citrix environments is about 85% to 90% of the work we do, whether it’s Application Virtualisation, Virtual Desktops, Mobility or Networking Solutions (which involves either NetScaler or SD-WAN).

A typical Citrix project would follow the methodology of:

  1. A Partner introduces us to a Customer that has a requirement for a Citrix environment
  2. We ensure a thorough pre-sales engagement by conducting workshops with the Customers to ensure an initial proposal can be presented on behalf of that Partner
  3. The Presentation and Quotation for implementation on behalf of the Partner is delivered to the Customer for approval.
  4. Once the initial proposal is approved the project enters into a High Level Design phase. The High Level Design will capture all nuances unique to that Customer’s needs and wants – ensuring the Customer and Partner are included in capturing all requirements.
  5. Upon approval of the High Level Design, the unique environment is built for that customer, and supported all the way through to production.

What are our other Citrix offerings?

Health Checks involve conducting workshops, and assessing a Customer’s environment with our highly detailed process allowing Insentra to present a report of our findings to the Customer or Partner. Citrix, and their Partners, recommend Insentra when Customers have challenges in their already established Citrix environments to provide valuable insight and recommendations for remediation.

We are also involved in validating environments, or ‘giving the rubber stamp’ as we call it, on behalf of the Partners or Vendors. Whereby a Partner or Customer have designed and built the Citrix environment themselves but would like Insentra to validate that the environment has been built according to the Vendor’s design or best practice methodology. Essentially, we provide a second opinion.

The Citrix Team at Insentra also provide ad-hoc support, providing existing Customers, which we have a relationship with, the option to call us and provide ad-hoc support for their current Citrix environment. Dependent on Customer’s requirements this can be supported either through Insentra’s Citrix Consulting Services or the Insentra Enhanced Support Team.

Application Assessment Packaging is a part of a best practise Citrix implementation methodology; where we have to package business applications or ad-hoc where new or existing customers engage us to package either new or existing applications.

Recently Citrix’s strategy changed focus to send more work to the Partner community. Although Citrix have a Consultant Services division, in recent months Citrix have started to push more of the received consulting requests to the Partner community. However, a lot of the partners don’t have the skills themselves, which makes Insentra’s unique business model invaluable to utilise. Partners aren’t going to start increasing their number of employees, as it would be difficult to find appropriately qualified people, and would be a very short term solution. Our model lets them approach us for help as we already have the team they need.

Insentra’s capabilities as a Citrix Partner ensure Customers and Partners can have full confidence in delivering successful Project outcomes utilising Best Practice Methodologies across the entire Citrix Product Portfolio. Get in touch with Insentra to find out how we can be better together.

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