Insentra and Cogmotive

Join Ronnie Altit on the couch as he chats with Cogmotive VP Alan Byrne about Cogmotive, their services, the benefits you get from using Cogmotive and how they are working together with Insentra to bring innovative reporting solutions to the Australian market.


[00:00:41] What was it that originally made you think of creating Cogmotive?

[00:06:43] One of the best things that we’ve been able to offer our partners is a white label version of Cogmotive.

[00:07:28] How does the Cogmotive toolset help in that scenario?

[00:11:16] The biggest thing that’s coming very soon is the alerting on the Discovery and Audit piece.

[00:18:26] Where’d you come up with this name?

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