Increase your profitability with employee engagement using this simple IT hack

I guarantee your employee’s aren’t more productive than their normal 40 hours a week. In fact – I want you to challenge me on this so we can turn it around.

Your employees come into work at 9am and they work through to 6 or 7. As it hits 5pm, their energy levels, interest and attention span all begin to decrease meaning their work isn’t as efficient or productive as you’d like. Add to this a technology environment which isn’t as performant as it could be and overall productivity is significantly worse.

By providing an optimised environment, employees can be more productive – perhaps you can stop them working more than 40 hours a week?

Research shows there is a direct correlation between engaged employees, leaders and managers and business turnover. With an environment working at all times and where issues can be pre-empted, employee engagement levels will increase. By allowing employees consistent and performant access to systems, overall productivity will naturally increase.

Enabling your teams to have a good work/life balance by having technology allowing people to work effectively and to have a deeper engagement in their work will positively impact your profitability. Happy staff means happy customers and happy customers = better sustainability for your business.

See it in action:

The building industry is a key example where employee engagement is crucial to a good result. Working in a harsh environment in a remote location is brutal on both the employees mental state and the businesses infrastructure.

Our customer wanted the ability to see how an individual works on a day to day basis with an intention of understanding their overall productivity. Deploying our Experience Monitoring Service (EMS) in their environment allowed us to analyse their end to end technology and to proactively identify any issues or bottle necks affecting productivity. Once issues were identified and remediated, our EMS has continued to be leveraged to ensure performance remained consistent and productivity was no longer negatively impacted by technology.

Virtual users and workloads are in place to simulate the typical day for an end user with SLA’s monitoring performance and usability reported against on a regular basis. These virtual users enable us to identify and rectify issues often well in advance of them becoming systemic – the panacea of IT service management – pro-activity!

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