Improved User Experience with Citrix Workspace App

You may be thinking; ‘Citrix Synergy was months ago and I’ve already read all the blogs on what was announced’ and it, for this reason, I was in two minds when writing this blog. Had I missed the boat by leaving it this late or was my original idea of waiting until the dust had settled to see how everything played out post Synergy the right move? As I reflect, I think giving time was wise as an announcement is only as good as the implementation of what was shared.

There were several exciting announcements from Citrix Synergy this year,  one of which was Citrix Workspace app.  Already we have seen a number of our partners, clients, and colleagues interested in these developments and asking what it’s all about. Hopefully, the following will clear up any questions you may have.


As organisations move to the cloud, Citrix continues to innovate and change the application delivery with Citrix Receiver, enabling users to be more productive on any device, anywhere, over any network.

Citrix Workspace App is a single pane of glass for all your apps and services. You’re able to gain access to all of your virtual desktops, files, virtual apps, SaaS and mobile apps, all presented in a single custom brandable user interface. From an end-user perspective, this is a massive shift to improving user experience and user productivity.  Not only is a user be able to gain access to everything they need, but Workspace App also controls security functions Single-Sign-On and more. Think about the impact that will have on the daily behaviors of your teams and colleagues.


It’s all very well being excited about the front end but let’s look at what’s under the bonnet.  This cloud service intelligently lists and delivers all digital workspace resources to Citrix Workspace app all powered by the Citrix Workspace Platform.

Administrators have access to a simple Citrix Cloud console which allows for configuration and management of all Citrix Workspace services.  We are now able to provide a single system for publishing our applications to any device or platform. Integration with XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, XenMobile, ShareFile, and standard directory services provides recommended security that’s seamless to the end-user.

Citrix Workspace App incorporates the full capabilities of Citrix Receiver and so much more.  Workspace app will incorporate all existing Citrix Receiver technology as well as the other Citrix client technology including the NetScaler plug-ins, XenMobile Secure Hub, ShareFile driver mapper, desktop app and sync.

Citrix Workspace App is backward compatible with any XenApp and XenDesktop deployment.  If organisations have an on-premises XenApp and XenDesktop deployment and accessing some Citrix Cloud services, they can start using Workspace App.

If an organisation only has the Citrix Cloud App & Desktop service, Citrix Workspace App will wisely list and deliver only the associated virtual apps and desktops. On the other hand, if they own multiple services, such as the App & Desktop service and ShareFile service, users will have access to all their virtual apps, desktops and files as well.

Everyone that knows me, knows how passionate I am about end-user experience. So if you’re already a long time Citrite and ready to make a move to the cloud and take advantage of the Workspace app “experience” please reach out to me and we will certainly help you on this exciting journey. Here is a link to one of the sessions at Synergy this year on Citrix Workspace app

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