Illuminate Interview Series – Interview with Ronnie Altit

We have an analogy that our business is like a steam train and each and every person in the business understands the steam train and where it’s going. From what we’ve built a really strong culture. When Insentra began, we looked at all the things we didn’t like about our previous roles and ensured they didn’t follow us to Insentra.

The great thing about our team is we whole heartedly believe in One Team One Dream. Together with our values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, Celebration, Efficiency and Service Excellence we are churning out a culture people are proud to be a part of. They want to come to work every day, they want to ensure our clients and partners achieve their outcomes and it’s really amazing to see that engagement.

Recently Ronnie was asked to take part in an interview series with Spark Recruitment. Check out the video below:


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