How to Roam OneDrive using FSLogix Office 365 Container

Rene Bigler takes a look at how FSLogix Office 365 Containers are able to bridge the gap to allow OneDrive users the ability to roam their data in non-persistent VDI deployments. Rene asserts that, “until now there was no solution to persist synced data from consumer OneDrive for Business (the OneDrive part in Office 365). For this reason most admins decided to disable the OneDrive for Business clients on non-persistent VDI. End users only could work with the online data accessed through their browser or Office Apps connected to the online OneDrive repository.”

Fortunately, “with the latest release of FSLogix Apps 2.7.1438.2 the offline copies of the synchronized OneDrive for Business data as well as the OneDrive client installation and configuration itself is redirected into the user specific virtual disk container and this way is persisted on logoff.” This critical aspect allows the OneDrive for Business data to roam properly across the user sessions which allows the data to sync properly in non-persistent virtual environments.

Rene shows us just how easy it is to set up the proper configuration to achieve this level of functionality in 3 easy to follow steps.

LEARN MORE about how to configure your OneDrive for Business client for offline sync so the data is retained for subsequent logons.

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