How Microsoft Became Cool Again

With the dynamic releases of products such as Windows 10, Xbox streaming, Surface Books, Lumia phones, and the announcement of HoloLens amongst others, 2015 truly was Microsoft’s year. It is impossible to deny that Microsoft has become cool again. But what does this mean for the business world?

While the incompetence of Windows 8 tarnished Microsoft’s reputation, Windows 10 was a prime display of expertise and elegance that restored some faith in the giant corporation. Not only was Windows 10 happily received by its users, its usability with other Microsoft products, such as their Lumia phones, made using all Windows devices desirable.

The capability of Lumia phones acting as a computer when away from a computer is pivotal in increasing mobility and efficiency, and is just plain awesome.  Additionally, if more robust work is required on a computer when away, the surface pro has truly become the laptop that can replace your tablet; it seems like Microsoft can do no wrong.

These interchangeable interfaces for these products will allow your business productivity to increase, as your employees can now do work while on the move, as well as save time by not being forced to ensure that all items are saved in a compatible format.

You and your staff can now also balance work with personal life, and don’t have to abandon Microsoft devices. An item like the Microsoft Band assists in living a healthier lifestyle by tracking any physical activity, heart rate, sleep quality, and calorie burn. The band also allows email, text, and calendar alerts to be seen at a glance. As we all know, work-life balance is important in maintaining a positive work environment and happier staff.

Of course, the crème de la crème of these developments is the much talked about HoloLens, in which a person can view, hear, and interact with holograms within an environment such as an office space or living room. The HoloLens not only works with games and animations but also with apps such as Outlook and Photos. 

The HoloLens has changed the face of augmented reality, and although it will most probably be worn in the house, its technology can be used to transform the way we do business. Instead of a cluttered desk, you could give each item its own space, and instead of having to try and explain a concept using a model you roughly sketched out, you can show a detailed 3D model to point out each part.

The pioneer for making Microsoft cool again is its new CEO, Satya Nadella, and he brought back the innovation factor the company had lacked for many years. Microsoft first had to catch up by introducing Cortana and face recognition/fingerprint scanners, which then put Microsoft back on the market. He then took leaps forward with the Surface books, Lumia phones, and HoloLens.

2015 was truly Microsoft’s year to shine, and it took technology to the next level. Behind all this, however, we all know that the new Ninjacat wallpapers are the true secrets to its success. Check them out here.

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