How International is Customer Service?

I’m on a journey to discover how exportable customer service is. Please join me as I think you may take away at least one or two nuggets you can apply to your work or future endeavours.

I’m guessing this is true for you: you expect good customer service, but you are delighted when this service exceeds your expectation.

I’m fanatical about customer service.  I expect the best and am disappointed when I don’t receive a sincere experience.

This narrative is the first of six installments specifically focused on IT Managed Services in the mid-market, enterprise and government sectors. I want to confirm that the world over, business leaders and executives also demand exceptional customer service, and are disappointed when service excellence waivers.

Would you agree that a well-managed service can be defined when the phone doesn’t ring? When last did you phone your service provider and thank them for the ongoing stability of your network platform? I guess like me, you expect this service to just happen in the background. After all, that’s what you’re paying for is it not? So how transportable would it be for someone who is passionately obsessed about the client journey, to move to the other side of the world and lead a team of technical engineers delivering exceptional client experience?

Enter Matt. That’s me. A forty-something married father of two who put his tangible belongings into a container and headed to Australia, wanting to seek the intangible world of exceptional service excellence. I was very curious – was service excellence in the same form as I had previously known? How different would the partner engagement model be to adapt what I knew at Insentra? And, how vital would my experience in Managed Services across Connectivity, Carrier and Cloud services be in meeting the very high expectation levels of the Insentra crew?

One thing is very clear at Insentra – an obsession for partner experience and an unwavering focus to exceed customer expectations and delight at every interaction of the customer journey.

So a managed service looks and feels the same, surely? When onboarding new customers, the same engagement milestones have repeated the world over. We deploy software agents, provide as-built documentation, the engineer's set up the alerts and monitoring systems and the service desk is trained. But I’m questioning the so what?  What’s exciting about that? Where’s the secret sauce in our engagement. Where are the opportunities to delight the partner and in so doing, deliver an exceptional client experience to their clients?

IS service excellence exportable and do Managed Services teams’ function the same globally, with the same intent to delight. I’m starting to think they do, and we have a great adventure ahead of us.

Get in touch if you can, and let me know if you don’t agree?

Cheers for now,

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