FSLogix to enable Instant Search in Outlook under XenApp!

FSLogix is the single best solution for closing the user experience gap between physical desktops and non-persistent virtual desktops delivered via XenApp, XenDesktop, Horizon and Remote Desktop Services etc. by providing a robust solution for Outlook cached-mode. This is especially important for Office 365 users or any organisation with distance between their virtual desktops and user mailboxes.

The latest version of Outlook does improve the search experience in online mode, but the user experience of cached-mode with search indexing, typically provided by physical desktops, stills provides the ultimate user experience.

FSLogix Office 365 Containers has been enabling Outlook cached-mode and Windows Search for virtual desktops; however, search has been a challenge for XenApp/RDSH environments – how do you roam a search index that’s machine specific in a non-persistent multi-user desktop environment?

Well, FSLogix looks to have fixed this challenge as well. They have just announced a beta update for FSLogix Apps that will enable Office 365 Containers to capture the Windows Search database for XenApp and RDSH deployments. From the announcement:

Using FSLogix Office 365 Container, concurrent multi-user systems can be enabled for Outlook search by roaming the Windows Search database. This service enables caching, much like a caching proxy server, where our Agent can intercept and augment changes, as needed, to the index within the users profile (typical storage location). This enables near native performance for the end user in Citrix XenApp/RDSH but prevents the system from having to rebuild the index at each user logon.

If FSLogix Office 365 Containers wasn’t game changing enough for Office 365 with XenApp, RDSH and non-persistent virtual desktop customers, this last piece of the puzzle will provide the Outlook experience that users expect and improve the success of any virtual desktop environment.

If you are already an FSLogix customer, I recommend signing up for the beta to test this feature out and see what else FSLogix have in store for their next release.

If you’ve not seen the FSLogix suite in action, reach out to me here at Insentra and I can provide a demo and a discussion on how this solution can benefit your environment.

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