Building Microsoft 2016

The announcements at the 2016 Microsoft Build left many with their tongues wagging with Microsoft really starting to push its status as one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Build saw many positive announcements that will change the face of the Windows user experience over the next year. Here are a few of the updates and what they mean for you and your business.

Microsoft have predicted that apps will eventually become extinct leading the way with bot development. Using a pizza bot to demonstrate (I mean, is there any better way?) Microsoft displayed its framework for developers to build their own chatbots for their applications. A BotBuilder software development kit (SDK) can be accessed under an open source MIT license from GitHub. Microsoft is endorsing ‘conversations as a platform’ meaning the application of human language to computing systems. This means infusing human intelligence with computing system. Let’s hope that the internet doesn’t become infused with more Tay: the chatbot with zero chill. The bot was pulled from twitter within 24 hours after it began making Nazi and sexual related comments thanks to the Twitter Trolls. took her cues based on conversations with twitter users. But hey, haters gonna hate – Shake it off, right Microsoft?

Another big announcement surrounds the recently acquired Xamarin. Microsoft have made Xamarin free and a part of their visual studio. Not only does this save developers anywhere from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars but Microsoft will get a lot of Devs coding in C#. This, combined with the announcement that BASH will now be made available in the windows store as a part of Windows 10, has left developers with starry eyes.

Some other cool announcements:

  • Windows 10 Anniversary update is finally ready to be tested by the public and will be rolled out on up to 4million devices. New features include fingerprint authentication and improved Cortana, not to mention Hololens and improved Windows Ink.
  • Nerds, you can finally let your force awaken and live out your Star Wars fantasies as Hololens is shipping to developers. Skype demoed its Hololens app that creates video calls with an AR window displaying your current contact. On the other end your contact is watching from your POV.
  • Windows Ink platform will integrate the surface pen throughout windows. It now has a new sketchpad, sticky note applications, new ink workspace and the notification centre will be new and improved.

Have zero chill about what these announcements will mean for your business or how you’re going to integrate them? Connect with Insentra today for all your windows services needs. Insentra can help you navigate the new updates from Microsoft with our Windows as a service. We are here to help you deploy today and tomorrow and we have plenty of chill.

For more information on Build 2016, you can check out the highlights here.

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