Manual vs Automated Email Archive Migration

In light of Ronnie’s presentation at Microsoft Ignite, it is now more clear than ever that automated email archive migrations will not only save you time and money, but also a migraine.

Download this quick snapshot of why manual migration is out, and automated is in!

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Insentra Takes Email Archive Migration Award

By [Aaron Parker]

Insentra wins TransVault’s 2014 international partner of the year award. Praise for Insentra by TransVault chief.


Are PST Files Still Relevant?

By [Simon Altit]

Outlook Personal Storage Files (PST files) have been around since the mid 1990s. These files provide the ability to create local archives of server based email.


Email Archive Migration to Office365

By [Ronnie Altit]

No one likes doing data migration, it’s fraught with risk and often disturbs regular day-to-day operations. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Insentra, as a leader in archive migration, can perform these from on-premise solutions to Microsoft Office 365.