Does the Removalist Truck Matter?

An Office 365 migration is analogous to moving house. In both scenarios you prefer to hire experts to do the packing, heavy lifting and unpacking for you. Although moving houses can be complicated, an archive migration shouldn’t be. 

When buying a new house there are a lot of things to consider: The contract, settlement, insurances, the logistics and, of course, the moving of your most valued possessions. The kind of truck your removalists select is usually the least of your worries. 

Archive migration works largely the same way where an organisation’s most valued possession – its email data – needs to be moved and, like the truck when moving house, the middleware tool selected really doesn’t matter.

More important is the selection of a removalist that will ensure that the data from your old archive is transferred to its new place intact, unchanged, unbroken and without getting lost along the way. The selection of an organisation that can deliver an itemised list that records everything that was migrated from your old system to its new location successfully.  All you should have to do is delegate by pointing things out to ensure all your items are stored in the right folders or archives.

A good removalist might ask how many rooms you have, which of your valuables are fragile, or if certain things need to be kept cool while moving. We’ll ask you the same of your business information as all of these qualifiers will help determine the right method to complete the move. We’ll even determine how things need to be laid out in order to fit into your new house. Ideally, this should happen overnight while you’re sleeping in a hotel so that you can come in the next day and continue business as usual. 
*Note: If you actually need to stay in a hotel during an archive migration, something has gone very, very wrong.

We’ll select the right tools based on your technical and commercial requirements. And while a lot of companies would charge for an assessment up-front, we do it as part of the pre-sales process to ensure that we have collected the right information so that when we scope the work, we provide the correct solution for you.

Insentra partners with 6 different archive migration vendors including Akaibu, Archive360, Globanet, Nuix, QUADROtech and TransVault, two of which awarded us International Partner of the Year. We have completed more than 100 archive migrations and have stellar references should you like to hear what our previous clients have to say about us and the process.

If you’re ready to migrate, get in touch with us. We’ll organise a time to come down and walk you through everything you need for a stress-free, hassle-free migration.

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