The Secret to Success

“How do you sell more” – a question asked by every company no matter what industry. Usually the answer is to offer marketing promotions or incentive deals. However, we have an answer that might surprise you.

When your staff are complaining their systems are slow, how do you get under the covers and truly identify what is preventing them from using your systems to their full potential?  Better still, how can you anticipate the problem and rectify it before it becomes systemic? And how do you do this in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment?

That’s what Insentra’s Experience Monitoring Service (EMS) is all about – we can proactively monitor your systems to see what is preventing your employees from selling more. Are your services running slow? Does an application they use regularly keep crashing? Whatever issue your systems have EMS is tailored to your company to resolve your specific use cases, implementing proactive solutions.

EMS is not specific. Depending on your business requirements, EMS provides fully customised dashboards showing the direct impact of proactive monitoring. If you only care about what your network traffic is like, your latency and who’s using how much bandwidth then that’s the visibility we’ll provide. If you just care about application load times and application crashes, then we’ll tailor the service to specifically focus there with a view to catching it before it becomes a major issue.

Through our automated approach, EMS systematically launches tests of your applications throughout the day by using virtual users. We work with you to agree SLA targets, monitor and report against these – such as Microsoft Excel must load in three or less seconds.

In business today, finding out something’s wrong after it has not only caused major impact to your users but also your customers are all too common. Get in touch with Insentra today to organise a demo of how EMS can benefit your business.

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Enhanced Support Services

Insentra is redefining traditional IT support with Enhanced Support Services (ESS). This proactive support service is backed by our engineers who not only resolve immediate incidents, but work with partners to prevent future challenges.

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How Insentra Aims for Service Excellence

By [Itzik Gur]

If you have read our MD, Ronnie’s blog “The Method Behind the Madness – Part 2”, you have seen that part of the reason for the launch of Insentra was the struggle to find the balance between finding the right person with the right skills at the right place at the right time to deliver the services for our partners and customers.