Office 365 Discover and Audit as a Service

Insentra’s Office 365 Partner Managed Services provide your clients with all the Office 365 support needed. Our packaged services help our partners to generate monthly recurring revenue while adding value to your clients.

Insentra’s Discover & Audit as a Service is an insurance policy for your clients Office 365 allowing the monitoring of all internal and external access and security activity to isolate events or threats quickly.

Office 365 Discover and Audit is part of a suite of Office 365 managed services designed to augment existing offerings to your clients for a low and manageable monthly fee.


Insentra’s Discover and Audit as a Service (DAaaS) is an insurance policy for your clients Office 365 tenancy. Among other things, we provide you and your clients visibility into every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, every mailbox accessed – including when, where from, and by whom. Insentra’s Discover and Auditing Service can be subscribed to over 12, 24 or 36 months.


Office 365 DAaaS covers:

  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business


  • Administrator activities
  • Sharing and access requests
  • File and folder operations
  • SharePoint and OneDrive for Business sync operations
  • Account Security
    • All 365 admin accounts
    • Time since password change
    • Alignment of sec policies
      • Litigation Hold/in place hold
      • Retention Policies
      • Etc.
    • Devices users are utilising – are they approved by corporate policy
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Discover and Audit
    • Sign-in after multiple failures
    • Sign-ins from non-approved locations (other countries)
    • Sign-ins from infected devices
    • Sign-ins from unknown locations
  • Sign-ins from multiple location within a short timeframe (e.g. User sign in Sydney and a couple of hours later signs in in London)

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