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Zero Trust and Infrastructure: The Heartbeat of the Modern Digital World

What if I told you there was a way you could reduce your risk of a security breach across cloud workloads by up to 25% or decrease the time to cloud threat mitigation by 50%? Or even reduce your spending on third-party tools and services by over $200K annually?  

Digital transformation, cloud technologies and the remote workforce have created new cybersecurity challenges for organisations across the globe. The need to defend and respond to security threats has never been more apparent before. Today’s modern-day organisations require an adaptive and resilient Zero Trust security model to effectively protect people, devices, and data across the enterprise. 

As organisations move their computing from on-premises to the cloud, they realise that leveraging cloud-native security tools can provide additional cost savings and business benefits to their security infrastructure. Most organisations dedicate too much time to triaging, investigating and remediating alerts. A simplified Zero Trust security framework can reduce management time, both by cutting down the number of security incidents and by improving security responses. 

Forrester’s 2021 Total Economic Impact Study of Zero Trust Solutions found that organisations who implemented Zero Trust security controls saw a 50% reduction in security and identity access management help desk calls. In addition, the organisations also experienced fewer false positive security alerts and faster cross-domain remediation, saving security teams time. Forrester also found that Microsoft Sentinel can reduce the number of false positives by 79% and in another study found that when security incidents did occur, Microsoft Defender could automatically detect and remediate over 90% of security incidents, preventing the spread of a security attack. 

To ensure you’re deploying your infrastructure across on-premises and cloud with security at the front of mind, watch my latest FastTrack Update, where I take you through the Infrastructure Zero Trust deployment objectives, helping you prevent any form of lateral movement across your Azure and hybrid cloud workloads. 

If you missed it, check out last month’s FastTrack Update, where I explored the capabilities available across Zero Trust’s fourth foundational pillar of Applications

Also, check out my latest blog, where I take you through the FastTrack Program and how the services can be used to help you along your M365 digital transformation journey. 


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