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Microsoft FastTrack – Tune in and Turn it Up, it’s an Intune Update

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If your organisation is like most of the Microsoft FastTrack clients I work with, you have a mix of devices being used by your employees used to get work done (which is ok!), and these devices might be corporate-owned or supported under a BYOD program. With hundreds of applications deployed across the average enterprise, finding a means to manage devices and everything on them (content and data as well as applications) is becoming mission-critical and mission impossible for many businesses.

Outside the office (aka outside the home office, dining room, kitchen, closet or wherever it is they are getting work done), users are quickly discovering and adopting new technologies (both personal and corporate) which enhance productivity.  As we return to workplaces, they will want to be able to bring this enhanced productivity into the workplace by consolidating their personal and corporate productivity tools into a single device.

A McKinsey survey of 3,000 workers using mobile devices for work revealed around 80% of smartphones used by employees are personally owned. COVID-19triggered a huge demand for remote connection across organisations and highlighted  the need for effective remote working security protocols as well as a method for managing the ongoing deployment and provisioning of new devices.

A Total Economic Impact study by Forrester found:

  • Improved device security with Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager adds $1.2 million to an organisation’s bottom line
  • The use of Windows Autopilot to complete device deployment and provisioning enhances end-user experience and translates into over $550,000 in savings
  • Redeployed IT time frees up more than $479,000 in human capital for under-resourced projects
  • IT device and security management time savings have resulted in $115,000 in savings over a three-year period

To ensure you’re on the path to saving figures like these, watch my latest FastTrack Update, where I explain the configuration settings available within Intune to  boost your security footprint across your devices. Ill also  teach you how Windows Autopilot can be leveraged for a zero-touch deployment strategy.

Finally, if this was your first Microsoft FastTrack Update from Insentra, welcome! You can catch up on past editions here and I’ll see you again next month!


Hambik Matsovian

Senior Consultant

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