Veritas Guarantees Cloud Data Will Stay in Australia

Veritas has announced a “multimillion-dollar” deal with Equinix for “dedicated” Sydney and Melbourne data centres to serve its cloud archiving service.

The information management vendor said that the new facilities “will not be linked to data centres outside Australia”, to ensure “data is stored solely in-country”.

“Rigorous Australian privacy and data integrity laws require companies to ensure customer data is strictly controlled or face potential fines and penalties,” Veritas stated.

“To meet these needs, the new Veritas data centres support secure workload migration to the cloud for enterprise, public sector, and small and medium-sized organisations.”

The company also revealed that the new “multi-year” contract is the third Australian data centre investment it has made in the last three years, with Sydney hosting the primary storage and Melbourne acting as backup.

The precise length or the precise value of the Equinix deal were not disclosed.

The first solution to be hosted in the new data centre will be the Veritas Enterprise, an archiving product for Microsoft Office 365 email.

Insentra, an award-winning Sydney-based Veritas partner, has welcomed the move, with managing director Ronnie Altit telling CRN the dedicated Australian data centres “takes away the mental blocker” for many potential customers.

“This is a real bonus for our archiving solutions,” he said. “There’s a genuine risk every time your data is sent anywhere external, so [Veritas’ Australia-only facilities] is about mitigating that risk.”

Veritas completed its split from Symantec in January in a deal that ended up as a US$7.4 billion transaction.

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