The Jody and Steve Show Part 2

It’s an interesting discussion in the second episode of the Jody & Steve Show about the challenges and differences in adopting Microsoft Azure Cloud.


00:28 – Jody explains what he meant about the message of the Cloud being tied to a marketing effort.
02:29 – Find out how Steve felt about moving to Azure.
04:08 – Jody takes a look at the Cloud platform and what he thinks about it.
04:45 – Find out what pissed Steve off about moving to the Cloud.
05:39 – Jody talks about how the Cloud can do incredible things for your business


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Azure Resource Groups – Preventing Accidental Deletion with Resource Locks

By [Richard Young]

Did you know that when you delete an Azure Resource Group, it deletes all the resources in that group?

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How to Move to the Cloud

Previously we explored the question of “why the cloud”, discussing the high level benefits as being Agility, Productivity and Cost Reduction and the things that influence what can be moved to the cloud. This time we will look at the key business considerations in “how” to move to the cloud.