The Jody and Steve Show Part 1

Insentra & ThinClient are excited to announce the launch of The Jody & Steve Show! Join Jody Elkins and Steve Greenberg as they discuss the importance of partnering and what it really means to transition to the cloud over a 3 part mini series.


1.57 – Find out how Steve Greenberg got started in the IT business.
3.59 – The whole reason I decided to go to the dark side is to provide that value back to the businesses that partners were struggling to provide.
4.29 – It works when you try to understand what the customer needs and what they want, and what will help the business, rather than selling what you got in your bag.
5.10 –  Jody tells how Insentra came into the picture.
10.49 – Steve enumerates some amazing benefits of the Cloud.

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How to Move to the Cloud

Previously we explored the question of “why the cloud”, discussing the high level benefits as being Agility, Productivity and Cost Reduction and the things that influence what can be moved to the cloud. This time we will look at the key business considerations in “how” to move to the cloud.