United Kingdom | Welcome to the August Insentragram - The Great Migration

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Welcome to the August Insentragram – The Great Migration

United Kingdom | Welcome to the August Insentragram - The Great Migration

Hi There,

This month we explore a little something we call…The Great Migration! From files, mail and archives, to tenant to tenant, and wildebeest to emperor penguins, if you need anything data migration related we have you covered. Insentra has migrated over 8 petabytes of data including over 4PBs of archive data moved to Exchange online, representing approximately 47 billion messages successfully migrated. That’s a lot of data! 😉

I recommend watching this video to get an understanding of the great migration


This year Microsoft Inspire 2020 was definitely…a little different. If you were able to attend the virtual conference (congratulations to Microsoft for achieving this great feat), no doubt you would have be inspired by Satya’s keynote exploring three key areas Microsoft are focused on during this pandemic – Response, Recovery and Reimagine. The event highlighted the ongoing benefits of remote working, such as reaching and connecting an enormous global audience, opportunities for networking and collaboration and the true power of technology, innovation and rapid adaptation. However, working remotely does have downfalls and productivity seems to be impacted as the novelty of remote working is wearing off.

For a more detailed review of the conference, check out this blog from our Australia and New Zealand Partner Manager Robbie Upcroft.


The importance of data ‘cloud migrations’ has dramatically increased since the beginning of COVID19. Whether it be for mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, live mail, archives and/or files, ensuring everything is safely/securely transferred and made accessible in a timely manner is high on the priority list for CIO’s and CTO’s. This comes as no surprise considering the rapid changes businesses are making to ensure their success such as:

1. Transitioning to a 100% remote environment

2. Swift onboarding of productivity and collaboration tools

3. Enhanced data, information and identity protection

Under the Data Cloud Migration umbrella, there are three primary migrations our Partners and their client’s request – file, tenant to tenant and primary and archive mail migrations.

(Now for the interesting part… seriously, I hope you watched the earlier video)

We like to compare file migrations to the monarch butterfly when it embarks on its journey. They reproduce for several generations before finally arriving at their destination. Many organisations archive data in third party tools to control the continuous growth of file servers and to keep it for specified periods of time to satisfy internal or regulatory compliance requirements. The cloud is a perfect destination for this data. Check out our website for more information, and Simon Altit’s (EMEA Director) article for his 5 steps to a smoother migration journey.

Email archive migrations do not have to be complex. When millions of wildebeest migrate across Africa, their instincts are automatic, swiftly directing them to their destination. Automating the migration of your wildebeest (email archives) to Office 365 is of the highest priority, especially during this transitional period to remote working. Check out our brochure to understand the benefits of automating the migration of mail archives and our latest episode of The Late Night Brew where Rob (Consultant) and Samer (Solutions Manager) discuss the things you need to consider if you undertake an archive migration.

When it comes to Tenant to Tenant migrations, we consider the emperor penguin a suitable comparison. As a well-oiled machine of nature, emperor penguins know when it’s time to change their patch of ice and they get the job done. Whether it be for mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, a Microsoft365 Tenant to Tenant migration is a complex piece of work. It is not just about the move of the data – that is the easy bit. For a deep dive into what our crew recommends when moving tenants, check out Hugh Roberts’s (AU Solution Manager) article here, or organise a call with Hugh here.

Finally, before I conclude this month’s edition, we are incredibly proud to announce our 2nd place ranking (number 1 IT company) in the Best Places to Work study in Australia. Creating an amazing culture has been my top priority since it’s inception and we are grateful our crew continue to enjoy the Insentra Train and uphold Insentra’s values which allow us to serve all of you, our incredible Partners and their Clients.

As always, stay safe and wash your hands!

Much love,



United Kingdom | Welcome to the August Insentragram - The Great Migration

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United Kingdom | Welcome to the August Insentragram - The Great Migration

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