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Does the moving truck matter?

By [Simon Altit]

We are regularly having conversations with our clients about how to transform or modernise their business.

[Secure Workplace]

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 101

By [Rahul Singh]

So, finally I have decided to come out of retirement from writing blogs to help save humanity from the chaos around endpoint protection.

[Managed Services for Partners]

Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

By [Jane Ilagan]

Insentra’s Enhanced 365 Managed Service provides an integrated Microsoft 365 reporting, management, and monitoring service for clients’ 365 instances.

[Cloud and Modern Data Center]

Ansible AWX with Isolated Nodes

By [Sebastian Baszcyj]

Yes, I know… you would like to run some Ansible workloads using isolated nodes and on top of that – you would like to use the AWX for this purpose.

[Cloud and Modern Data Center]

Citrix Workspace, Azure AD & DSAuthAzureAdNestedGroups

By [James Kindon]

Citrix Cloud and Azure Active Directory is a logical combination for many customers. The integration makes sense to provide a high level of security and access controls via the Microsoft Azure AD Conditional Access engine.

[Modern Workplace]

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions - Nulia

By [Samer Haque]

Nulia Works is a digital enablement platform which measures how users are using Microsoft 365 and offers personalised learnings to help the user with their digital maturity.

[Modern Workplace]

Quantifying the productivity issue and how Nulia can help

By [Samer Haque]

This isn’t an article about free/busy as it relates to a hybrid, which has been covered in great detail and Microsoft has a troubleshooting wizard published online which helps walk you through a resolution.

[Cloud and Modern Data Center]

Azure Site Recovery and MCS Provisioned Workloads

By [James Kindon]

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is Microsoft’s multi-faceted solution for performing services such as Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity Planning (BCP)...

[Cloud and Modern Data Center]

Securing and Optimising Access to Azure Storage Accounts with Azure Endpoints

By [James Kindon]

When working with Azure files, it is important to ensure that traffic destined for your files shares is both secured and routed in an optimal fashion.

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