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In The Download, join our CEO Ronnie as he sits down with a variety of special guests for in-depth discussions on topics surrounding business, IT, and partnerships.

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Geek Speak includes instructional blogs, interviews, and service-orientated content that goes deep into the technical side of IT, guaranteed to challenge and extend the geekiest IT expert.

Secure Workplace

How to Use Endpoint Manager Group Policy Analytics

In this blog Insentra explains how to use Group Policy Analytics in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Teams Connect: The Birth of Shared Channels

Microsoft Teams hit the digital world in 2016 and since then: The platform hit a daily record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day! (Yes, you read that right) Clocked 250 million monthly active users as of July 2021 A total of 183,000 tenants across 175 countries are using Teams for Education to assist… Continue reading Insights
Modern Workplace

How to configure Ansible Automation SAML SSO with Red Hat SSO

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to configure Single Sign on for Ansible Automation and Red Hat Single Sing on or Keycloak.


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Not Geek Speak

Not Geek Speak is all about the big picture. Join us as we explore entrepreneurship, partnerships, business, culture and thought leadership in the IT industry – no technical knowledge required.

Not Geek Speak

Capturing the True Value of Projects – Lessons

Introduction Being armed with useful background information when starting a new project with a client is quite important to how successful the initial phase of

What’s New from the Crew

A lot can happen in a day at Insentra and a hell of a lot can happen in a month! Welcome to a new segment where I get to celebrate content curated by the Insentra crew, introduce what’s new and announce what’s coming up.
Thought Leadership

Azure in SMB

Ben Herrington (BH): Welcome to the first in a series of sit-down interviews with partnership, technology, and cloud experts from the UK channel. My first interview is