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In The Download, join our CEO Ronnie as he sits down with a variety of special guests for in-depth discussions on topics surrounding business, IT, and partnerships.

Geek Speak includes instructional blogs, interviews, and service-orientated content that goes deep into the technical side of IT, guaranteed to challenge and extend the geekiest IT expert.


Does the moving truck matter?

By Simon Altit

We are regularly having conversations with our clients about how to transform or modernise their business.

Secure Workplace

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 101

By Rahul Singh

So, finally I have decided to come out of retirement from writing blogs to help save humanity from the chaos around endpoint protection.

Managed Services for Partners

Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

By Jane Ilagan

Insentra’s Enhanced 365 Managed Service provides an integrated Microsoft 365 reporting, management, and monitoring service for clients’ 365 instances.

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Not Geek Speak is all about the big picture. Join us as we explore entrepreneurship, partnerships, business, culture and thought leadership in the IT industry - no technical knowledge required.


Measuring Success in Project Delivery

By Richard Tomlin

Project management is essential to ensuring successful project outcomes measured against the constraints of time, budget, and quality.


Structure and Execution of Project Kick-Off Meetings

By Michael Chen

Experienced Project Managers know how crucial it is to get projects off to a great start.


Driving Stakeholder Engagement

By Richard Tomlin

How adept are you at Stakeholder Engagement? Do you successfully build and maintain trust with your stakeholders during the project lifecycle?