United Kingdom | Welcome to the March Insentragram - The Office 365 Edition

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Welcome to the March Insentragram – The Office 365 Edition

United Kingdom | Welcome to the March Insentragram - The Office 365 Edition

Hi There, 

Welcome to the March edition of InsentragramThis month we explore Office 365, and the new and exciting ways we can help you maximise the full range of O365 capabilities. 

To kick things off, I’m thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Nulia. The Nulia Works digital enablement platform enables organisations to truly benefit from the productivity gains Office 365 provides.  It monitors how users work, identifying areas where skills need to be attained and presents targeted education to help them achieve new skills and outcomes. Critically, it continues to monitor users to ensure their newly learnt skills continue to be used.  Nulia are the first of their kind and we are both representing them in Australia and New Zealand and taking their platform to our global channel. Have a read of my latest blog where I describe Nulia Works in greater detail or find out more on our website!

As you know, supporting and empowering our partners has always beenand continues to be our number #1 priority, or as we deem it – being Partner Obsessed. Are you a partner who struggles to provide true 24×7?  Are you finding it difficult to deliver new managed services to your existing customers? Through our Managed Services (MS) team, we can assist and support your client’s environments and requirementsOur crew are positioned around the globe to help with true follow-the-sun handovers, eyes on glass and escalation assistance. For more information, view our Enhanced 365 brochure here!

Being Partner Obsessed means we not only strive to consistently deliver fantastic work for our partner’s and their clients, but also showcase them, and the relationship’s we continue to build, to the world! In our latest case study, we explore how Telenor – one of the world’s largest telecom service providers, partnered with us to deliver one heck of a task…migrating 3,600 organisations with 12,500 end users to Office 365 in under 12 weeks. We are very proud of this project and hope you find value reading through the case study. 

On a slightly different tangent, our crew share a variety of passions and not all of them technical. One which I and long-term crew member Tony Consolino (Insentra Project Manager) are passionate about, is the art and science of active listening. Listening attentively is not as easy as it sounds (ironic I know!).  Surrounding distractions, thoughts of past events and projecting one’s mind to a future engagement can prevent a listener from being present and fully focusing on the discussion taking place right nowMastering the art of active listening can help you become a better leader, earn respect from others and improve problem-solving abilities. I would highly recommend you read his guide here as I am confident it will be valuable for your personal and professional development…consider it a small thank you for being loyal Insentragram followers ? 

Until next month! 

Much love, 


CEO, Insentra 


United Kingdom | Welcome to the March Insentragram - The Office 365 Edition

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United Kingdom | Welcome to the March Insentragram - The Office 365 Edition

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