Through Fresh Eyes

Often when you are too close to something you have created and have been part of for years you lose perspective on its relevance. This for us is no truer then when it comes to our externally facing web presence and associated marketing assets which are supposed to represent who we are as a business.

It was only recently that fresh eyes in the business pointed out the bleeding obvious which is that our website and parallel marketing content didn’t represent who we truly are as business, what we stand for and how we operate.

We are a relatively small business full of passion, pushing the envelope with our business model and innovative services and we are a little brash and love to challenge the status quo.

Our forever visible face to the market doesn’t support who we are and why we do what we do. Yes, it supports what we do, but frankly that is the easy bit.  Looking into a mirror our web site as an example is rather conservative, even bland and is little different to the myriad of websites of other service providers.

When presented with the facts the course we needed to take was obvious. The facts were irrefutable and we have now commenced the journey to re-brand the business – to reflect the “who we are” and “what we stand for”.

This is not a simple task. Translating the “who” and “what” into powerful designs, messaging and tag lines across multiple platforms including website, Facebook, Twitter, collateral, signage and merchandise will take time. For now we have set course and well progressed in formulating the plan.

This has all come about because we have a work environment where people speak their mind, even if it means going against the grain of popular belief. We encourage and welcome everyone’s input and to challenge all of us to embrace better ways to do business.

Watch out in the coming months as we roll out our new brand.

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