United Kingdom | Welcome to the July Insentragram - Time to Take a Breath

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Welcome to the July Insentragram – Time to Take a Breath

United Kingdom | Welcome to the July Insentragram - Time to Take a Breath

Hi There,

Welcome to the July edition of Insentragram! Last month we explored Insentra’s New Normal and how we help support businesses through these challenging times. However, with continued uncertainty, it’s important to take a step back, draw a few deep breaths and reflect on what has occurred.

How is the industry/market feeling?

COVID-19 has disrupted every business around the globe. IT professionals are under immense pressure to continue overseeing infrastructure, applications and security in this new normal, where most people are working from home and services are being accessed exclusively online.

According to the Agents of Transformation Report;

  • 81% of IT professionals said COVID-19 put significant technology strain on their business
  • 66% of businesses uncovered weaknesses in their digital strategies.

However, 71% of respondents implemented digital transformation projects within weeks during COVID-19, compared to months or years under normal circumstances. On reflection this could be viewed as a truly positive outcome, as the uncovering of weaknesses and rapid establishment of initiatives will benefit their businesses now and in the future. Interestingly, 87% of IT professionals believe the pandemic was a wake-up call for their business which is the reaction we have been experiencing amongst our partner’s and their clients.

How are you going?

Every internal meeting at Insentra starts with a simple question – Out of 10, What are your numbers both personal and professional from 1 to 10 (where 10 is amazing and 1 is terrible). Any score less than 7 is a check in point – is there something we can do to help?  We don’t expect our crew to share reasons when their personal score is low, however we care.  Deeply. 

The importance of checking in with our colleagues is more important now than it has ever been. It is easy to become so focused on the hardship experienced on a commercial level, that you forget about the social, family, financial or other difficulties your crew are experiencing. Ensuring your crew continue to shovel the metaphorical coal into the business’s engine to keep it on the right tracks is important any time and now more than most. So, I implore you to ask the question, “How are you?” to your employees, colleagues, families and friends and truly work to understand what they need. Check out our Vibe Associate’s top tips for staying positive during COVID-19 and a light-hearted video of our crew’s tricks for thriving whilst working remotely.

Another crucial element to consider which will help you, your business and your employees through this pandemic, is resilience – the ability to overcome and move through unexpected, challenging situations. What is occurring right now is one of the world’s most unexpected and challenging crises ever experienced, which is why resilience is an important action to practice. One of our Project Managers – Michael Chen –  wrote this excellent article and I highly recommend a read.

One of our longest serving crew members – Tony Consolino (Project Manager) has recently developed a comprehensive guide on Active Listening. Learning the art and science of active listening can have a profound impact on focus, leadership, problem solving and peer respect, all elements that are being pressure tested in this ever-changing environment. By mastering this skill, it will become your secret weapon through this pandemic and benefit all aspects of your life. Check out his guide here.

Finally, last week I completed my 5th CEO Sleepout, where I spend one of the longest, coldest winter nights sleeping rough to raise awareness and funds for the homeless. This year I slept out in my back yard due to the COVID-19 restrictions and was able to raise over $12,000 smashing my original target of $10,000. If you donated, thank you sincerely for your generosity and willingness to help! It’s also not too late to contribute, just follow this link here, and any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Until next month, stay safe and wash your hands!​

Much love


CEO, Insentra


United Kingdom | Welcome to the July Insentragram - Time to Take a Breath

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United Kingdom | Welcome to the July Insentragram - Time to Take a Breath

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