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Archive Migrations – How does the Insentra Train do it?

The information landscape has been constantly evolving and so have solutions around the management of the same. We must keep progressing but the first thought that comes to our mind is the long journey we must endure, i.e. “Do I need to go down this road again?”. There is a strong reason Insentra run our business like a train and you can read more about our ‘Train Story here. Well, you do not have to drive alone through this journey anymore, just hop onboard our train and we will get you there.

The most common question with data migration is “How long would this take to migrate?” and I have seen many service providers come up with very attractive proposals. However, the most ignored detail to this question is the rationale behind migrating ‘x’ TB of data in ‘n’ amount of time. We at Insentra believe in honesty and refrain from promising something we cannot deliver. Our approach is a strong blend of values like Trust, Accountability, Service Excellence and most importantly, a proven process behind the way we do migrations as outlined below.

We do provide suggestive timelines around how fast a migration can be performed but our rationale is based on our experience delivering similar migrations and feasibility of replicating our best practices in your environment. The ‘Validation’ phase of an engagement is when we test the migration, fix issues, address bottlenecks and gain an exact insight into how effectively we can get you through this journey. However, just like a handshake, this involves collaboration with you and our synergy is an important key here.

Why choose Insentra for your migration requirements?

Some service providers consider an aggressive migration approach which starts with a PoC and then moves directly into the production migration. In most cases this approach results in a lot of known unknows, i.e. surprises that were not anticipated. The worst cases I have heard about involved having to redo the entire migration (in some cases more than twice), causing a lot of frustration and financial impact to the customer. We strongly believe in our migration approach which has ensured consistent success for our customers and Insentra. Below is an outline of a few key deliverables at various phases:


Migration Phase Deliverable Explanation
Establish Migration Plan We invest a reasonable amount of time in assessing your environment and innovating a customized approach for the migration. This deliverable outlines the customized migration plan that we have devised for an engagement.
Gather Reconciliation report This report is a comparison of the data that we have gathered vs the data in your source environment. In other words, this report is evidence that ‘we see what you see’ in your source environment. In case of any anomalies, we invest effort for addressing the same.
Validate Validation summary This report outlines the results of the testing performed in the validation phase. In case any issues/bottlenecks are identified, we work with the customer to address the same, thus ensuring that we have a seamless migration.
Migrate Migration report This report outlines a comparison of data in the source vs data migrated to the target, thus providing clear visibility around the migration success.
Assurance Assurance report We review all the migrated data to ensure that A Chain of Custody (CoC) and data integrity have been maintained as per the project requirements.


In summary, rushing into a migration project may leave the impression that the project can be delivered quickly but it does not essentially translate into that. Instead, we believe in investing a reasonable amount of time in the initial phases, thus ensuring that we can deliver quality in the migration phase which is the longest part of an engagement. The train starts slow but runs really fast. 


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