United Kingdom | 7 Things to Consider Now You’ve Rolled out Teams in a Hurry

Hugh Roberts - 25.05.2020

7 Things to Consider Now You’ve Rolled out Teams in a Hurry

United Kingdom | 7 Things to Consider Now You’ve Rolled out Teams in a Hurry

Given the recent and ongoing global crisis and the need to get the workforce working from home quickly, I think caution has been thrown to the wind in some cases to get remote working enabled. This short blog helps to answer the questions – what are some of the new risks which have surfaced and how do I address them?

Here are a few things to consider now that the dust is settling and you can reprioritise.



Options for Mitigation

Data Risk, Data Loss, Breach etc.

Peeps need their data, working from home is no different. OneDrive and Teams (and more) are now being used on home PC’s, or work PC’s at home with little or no protection. How can you track, see, and prevent the loss or misuse of this data? What about Shadow IT on home PC’s where people may feel more comfortable sharing using their Dropbox account instead of OneDrive?

  • Implement Azure Information Protection (AIP)
  • Implement Conditional Access
  • Implement Torsion
  • Implement Intune
  • Implement Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)


One thing IT can struggle with in the new world is monitoring and visibility.Can you see what’s going on in your environment now all of these changes have happened? Where data is residing? Which users are logging on where and why? Implementing Microsoft Cloud App Security – Discovery for Office 365 is a great first step – although it does need a specific type of license (O365 E5 or standalone plans) This will instantly show you what’s going on and integrates with AIP, Conditional Access, Intune and it can be extended to your 3rd party apps as well.

  • Implement Cloud App Security – Discovery for Office 365

Teams sprawl and governance


If you haven’t locked down Teams creation then Teams will be springing up left, right and centre as users create their own to experiment or for legitimate business purposes. The problem is, 5 people may have the same idea for a Team and some users are notorious for not cleaning up. Putting into place Teams Governance policies is a critical step to assist with this.


Is there critical data or apps being accessed on PC’s with 15 users, no virus protection and running Windows XP? Who knows? Devices are a big concern here too. You may have some infrastructure setup to support home working devices, which is great, but does it go to the next ? Such as being able to detect infected PC’s and block them, prevent copy/paste out of applications or block downloading of information to unverified PC’s?

  • Implement Intune
  • Implement Conditional Access
  • Implement Advanced Threat Protection


If you require your users to be on a VPN at home then Teams and Office 365 traffic may be going through this VPN, causing congestion and poor experience on things like video and audio calls.

  • Implement split-tunnelling for your VPN for Office 365 Traffic

User experience

Users can struggle with new features and adoption, how do you ensure everyone is using products correctly?

  • Training
  • Automated end-user enablement using analytics via Nulia

Background images

Yes – these are now available for users to upload themselves – but it’s a little bit dangerous in a formal environment. Policies around how backgrounds are used can now be set by administrators, so you can rest easy!

  • Implement background image policies


Hopefully some of the above can steer you in the right direction for what some of the risks and mitigations are. If you need help or just want to talk about some of the recommendations we have above, please get in touch .


United Kingdom | 7 Things to Consider Now You’ve Rolled out Teams in a Hurry

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United Kingdom | 7 Things to Consider Now You’ve Rolled out Teams in a Hurry

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