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Optimise Microsoft Azure Security and Monitoring with our proactive managed service. Take control of your Azure cloud infrastructure today.
New Zealand|Secure Azure


Managing security and costs in the Azure cloud can be challenging, leading to potential risks and inefficiencies. We understand the importance of securing your infrastructure while optimising costs. Our Secure Azure service focuses on security and cost optimisation, providing enhanced security measures and valuable insights for optimal resource and capacity management. With proactive 24×7 monitoring, monthly OS patching, resource management, capacity planning, and robust security measures, we ensure peak performance for your Azure platform.


Unlock the potential of your Azure environment with our Secure Azure service, offering:

Microsoft Solutions partner

Being a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Azure Infrastructure designation amplifies the value of our services, signifying our deep expertise and commitment to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to your Azure infrastructure needs, backed by Microsoft’s trusted endorsement and support

Cost Management

Our Azure Cost Management service optimises your spending by providing proactive insights and recommendations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and cost savings while maximising your Azure investment

Enhanced Security

Our managed service ensures enhanced security with Azure by aligning with CIS benchmark standards and implementing continuous secure score improvements, safeguarding your data against evolving threats with utmost vigilance and precision

Continuous Improvement

Utilise leading industry best practices, business intelligence (BI), and security insights to drive improvement 


Ongoing Optimisation

We continually fine-tune, optimise and provide advice on your Azure environment, ensuring cost-efficiency and peak performance based on Microsoft’s best practices 


Strategic Guidance

Insentra offers thought leadership and strategic insights. We help you align your Azure environment with your broader business goals and objectives 

Why Use Our Service?

Our proactive approach aligns your Azure environment with the latest Microsoft secure score recommendations, guaranteeing resilience and security. Benefit from transparent reporting, data-driven decision-making through BI and insights, and alignment with Azure’s evolving roadmap. Gain a competitive edge, predictable costs, expertise, and cost savings with our outsourced management.

How It Is Delivered

Our Secure Azure service is delivered comprehensively, featuring round-the-clock monitoring, efficient resource utilisation, and robust security measures. We adhere to CIS Level 1 benchmark standards, oversee platform alerting, and provide monthly reports covering secure score, CIS Benchmark compliance, and risk management. With us, your Azure environment remains secure, cost-effective, and continuously improving.

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New Zealand|Secure Azure

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New Zealand|Secure Azure

Insentra ISO 27001:2013 Certification

SYDNEY, WEDNESDAY 20TH APRIL 2022 – We are proud to announce that Insentra has achieved the  ISO 27001 Certification.