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Unlock endless new opportunities together

New Zealand|Information for Partners
New Zealand|Information for Partners


Unlock endless new opportunities together


Say Yes More Often

Are your clients asking you to complete projects where you don’t have the skill or experience? Do you struggle to meet the time critical demands of your clients due to a lack of available people? Does it pain you to say no and open the door to a competitor?

We understand your struggle and you are not alone. We regularly hear this from our partners.

The investment required to deliver new offerings to your clients is significant. It typically takes 6-12 months to find an architect who can create offerings, get them to market and close deals. When the architect is selling they aren’t delivering and when they are delivering they aren’t selling, requiring more investment in delivery capability. Getting a return takes time and in the interim your customers have gone to your competitor.

Delivering projects you’ve won can be equally challenging. Contract workers are always an option but they are one person who may not be a perfect fit and their availability can be unpredictable. You may partner with a competitor but you know your customer is not their priority and you always wonder if they will start to work directly with your client.

Breaking this nexus unlocks your company to add more value to your clients who are inclined to seek providers capable of delivering a comprehensive range of services without the hassle of engaging multiple vendors.

What if you could partner with a company who can become your new capability until you decide to invest so you can say yes more often and keep your competitors at bay?

New Zealand|Information for Partners


Unlock the value of Partnering with Insentra

By partnering with Insentra, you achieve the full potential of your business and deliver exceptional results for your clients. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:  

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Expert Support

A global team of highly skilled professionals who can support your projects from start to finish, removing the need for unreliable contract workers or costly vendor assistance

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Fixed-cost engagement

No more worrying about unexpected costs or budget overruns. Our fixed-cost engagements allow you to plan and deliver successful projects with confidence

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Proven Results

With over 5500+ successful projects delivered through over 470+ partners, we have a track record of delivering exceptional results for our partners7

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Our straightforward onboarding process and dedicated support team make it easy to start working with Insentra and get the support you need

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Partner Obsessed

We are 100% channel, which means we ONLY transact through our partners. We do not, and will not, transact directly with end-clients

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Sales Support

Partnering with us gives you access to pre-sales resources, enabling you to win more new business. We see it as our investment in the partnership


Award Winning IT Services

At Insentra, we pride ourselves in our technical expertise. We are proud to be trained and recognised in multiple accreditations across a full suite of vendors. With over 5500 projects under our belt across 27 countries, we know we have the technical skills and business acumen to create the right solution for you via our Partner Obsessed™, service-led approach.

New Zealand|Information for Partners


Who Can Benefit from Partnering with Insentra

Insentra is the ideal partner for IT channel organisations who are looking to:

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Enhance capability

If you don’t have the in-house expertise to meet the technical demands of your clients, Insentra can provide the skilled resources you need

New Zealand|Information for Partners

Increase capacity

If your team is stretched thin and struggling to keep up with the workload, Insentra can provide the support you need to handle more projects and scale your business

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Grow revenue

If you’re looking for ways to increase your sales and bring in more business, Insentra can provide pre-sales assistance and help you close more deals

Trusted Partners

Success stories

Partnering for Success

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the experience of our satisfied partners who have experienced the benefits of partnering with Insentra.


MicroTechDPS embarked on a journey to expand their services offering for their clients across regional Australia. Rather than upskill or replace their existing staff, they opted to partner with Insentra to provide strategic, advisory-led services which would differentiate them from traditional MSPs (Managed Service Providers). Several successful migration and transformation projects later, our relationship with MicroTechDPS is still going strong.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our Partner Obsessed™ approach means we do not transact directly with end user organisations. We are often contacted directly by end user organisations to seek assistance, but we always explain our partner-only model and connect them with their preferred partner. Under no circumstances will Insentra transact directly with an end user organisation. As a Partner Obsessed™ company, we only transact through our IT channel partners and will bring them any sales opportunities we find. 

Although Insentra does sometimes engage with end clients during scoping and delivering projects, we conduct all transactions via their nominated partner. We do not transact any business directly with end user clients.

Whilst Insentra does represent a small number of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) in various regions, we do not sell any “tier one” vendor products or licenses directly to customers, nor do we sell any licenses that would compete with our partners.

Primarily, we engage on a fixed-price, fixed-scope, guaranteed outcome basis. We also deliver engagements using a T&M commercial model.

Yes, we typically include project management within all our engagements. We can also provide Project Management as a Service.

Insentra meets all the technical requirements for recognition by vendors when we are awarded a particular status. In fact, we are often skilled higher than our status represents and are not afforded higher status as a result of not transacting any product sales.

We work closely with our represented vendors to demonstrate our influence over revenue generated in their partner network. However, we will never seek to obtain rebates or back-end payments which are due to a partner, nor will we take credit for sales where we have not been an influencer.

Our recommendation is to not white label our services. We recommend being transparent with your clients about leveraging Insentra.

Clients prefer transparency from their partners and don’t like to be surprised when looking at LinkedIn, only to find their account manager hasn’t been forthcoming. Furthermore, when we are white labelled, we cannot reference any of the thousands of projects we have completed – only those we have done with you.

NOTE: When sharing references, we will never breach confidentiality of any partner and will not share partner or end-client details without prior approval.

Insentra is not on any government panels because we do not transact directly with end user clients. The partners we support are typically on any required panels where they are tendering for work.

Yes. In Australia, we have a number of security-cleared consultants in our crew.

Insentra has a global full-time crew who we leverage for delivery, regardless of their primary location. We may leverage a contractor occasionally, but we will always be transparent with our partner and their client should this occur.

Insentra has well-defined and publicly available Rules of Engagement, please click here for details 

Please contact and we will connect you to the relevant Channel Manager.

Yes, we can absolutely assist you. In the first instance, we will qualify the opportunity extensively with you to ensure there’s a strong chance we’ll be jointly successful. If you have a tender opportunity you’d like to discuss, please contact

Our Project Management approach has been tailored based on proven methodologies, our experience since 2010, as well as decades of combined experience. Our approach continues to evolve to deliver consistently successful stakeholder outcomes. Our methodology is segmented into elements which are selectively applied to projects to meet unique requirements. Our team is trained and certified in various methodologies including Prince2, PMP and Agile.

Yes. We have a range of packaged service offerings and can provide you supporting sales and marketing assets.

Yes, Insentra provides 24×7, follow-the-sun, Managed Services from global locations including Australia, UK and the USA.

Typically, vendors do not allow 3rd-parties to leverage other partners’ accreditations as if they were their own.

When we are not white labelled, you can certainly reference our accreditations and awards. Many partners do this to show potential clients they’re engaging with an expert in the relevant solution area.

IT projects can be complicated, and from time to time, things will go wrong.  When this does occur, we will seek to understand what has happened, the impact the issue has for our partner and their client, what needs to be done to resolve the issue, and what we can learn from the experience. This prevents the issue from occurring again in the future.  Then, we will work together with you and your client to agree on a way forward for rapid resolution.

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PARTNER with us, and see what Insentra can do for you

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We’re a certified amazing place to work, with an incredible team and fascinating projects – and we’re ready for you to join us! Go through our simple application process. Once you’re done, we will be in touch shortly!

New Zealand|Information for Partners

Who is Insentra?

Imagine a business which exists to help IT Partners & Vendors grow and thrive.

Insentra is a 100% channel business. This means we provide a range of Advisory, Professional and Managed IT services exclusively for and through our Partners.

Our #PartnerObsessed business model achieves powerful results for our Partners and their Clients with our crew’s deep expertise and specialised knowledge.

We love what we do and are driven by a relentless determination to deliver exceptional service excellence.

New Zealand|Information for Partners

Insentra ISO 27001:2013 Certification

SYDNEY, WEDNESDAY 20TH APRIL 2022 – We are proud to announce that Insentra has achieved the  ISO 27001 Certification.