Advisory Jones and the Strategy Crusade

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Understanding all the moving parts; options, dependencies, opinions and security implications of an IT transformation can be overwhelming for organisations and triggers and ad-hoc, reactionary response, rather than thoughtful planning aligned to business goals.

Through our extensive experience delivering advisory engagements we found clients willing to engage collaboratively to leverage independent insights and guidance build the most agile, sustainable and risk-free IT strategies.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • Common challenges facing ITDMs
  • Why providing insights and challenging the status quo is good for business
  • How to move your clients from a reactive (what) to a strategy-based execution model (why)
  • Why MapOne helps you become your clients trusted advisor and could protect your incumbancy

PLUS, hear directly from Joel Steers, General Manager of Microtech DPS about how MapOne has supported his business growth and provided value for their clients.


What’s in this session?

Meet the Speaker:

Lee is a committed and focused Solutions Manager, coming from a professional services background where responsibilities included, presales, advisory, solution architecture, solution design and implementation. Moving from professional services into the solutions manager role, his responsibilities moved to enterprise sales, presales, and business development.


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