Samer Haque

Samer Haque | Solutions Architect

Samer Haque is our Data Migration lead in the Australian region. Starting his career in Engineering, Samer transitioned into IT to pursue new challenges developing a unique combination of both deep technical and business processes skills. He loves the camaraderie of team sports, and this is certainly true of his team at Insentra.



What are you passionate about in life?

I’m passionate about spending quality time with my family and friends sharing good food and conversation. At home it’s about spending time with my lovely wife and our pup, checking out various outdoor spots around town, a long walk or grabbing a coffee.

My other passion is anything to do with team sports, be it watching it or participating in both competitive and social games. I’ve been playing competitive football and cricket since I was a little kid and as much as the body may sometimes not be capable of what my mind thinks it can, it is my way of breaking away from reality for a period of time and feeling like a kid again. I love being a part of a teams who are dedicated to the common goal and when things don’t go your way, the camaraderie amongst the team makes sure you are ready to do it all again next time.

What are your hobbies?

When it’s not about sport, I love spending time exploring our surroundings with my wife. We love exploring new restaurants and bars wherever we are. Travelling locally or abroad to me has always revolved around food and being in such a multicultural city (Sydney) you don’t have to travel too far to find something new. As of recently Yoga and Meditation has been an interesting thing to explore both from an injury management and mindfulness perspective.

What are the key values you live by?

The big one for me is honesty. Being Trustworthy and Trusting others around you builds the foundations of a team where we can hold each other accountable. Team Work is an important value to me and that I champion daily.

If there are 5 words to describe you, they would be?

“All limitations are self-imposed”

What gets you out of bed every day?

Knowing there is a new challenge, or experience I can look forward to overcoming and nothing is ‘always the same’

What do you love about your role?

The diversity of challenges I face daily and, working with an enthusiastic and passionate team.

What do you love about your practice area?

We are all aligned to the same end objective. Being part of a team which such diverse talents also allows us to learn from each other.

What values do you and your team live by at work?

One Team One Dream!

Be accountable and own your deliverables.

Deliver the right outcome for the customers, even if it involves difficult conversations.

What’s unique about the solution your practice provides compared to the rest of the market?

We have a team of people with a wealth of experience in this space across multiple technologies.

What does #partnerobsessed mean to you?

Taking the One Team One Dream mentality when engaging with partners. We are here to work with partners as a team to deliver the right outcomes for their customers.

How do you HITACES?

it’s taking both the partners and customers through the journey and not just coming in to ‘complete tasks’. Having that level of engagement ensures we are able to define the right path to deliver the right outcomes.

Why Insentra?

We are not a body shop rather an organisation that believes in delivering the right outcome for both partners and their customers. Our values and culture make us an easy extension of any team with the focus being on common goals. We invest in the right people who are always looking to delivery service excellence.