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Quantifying the productivity issue and how Nulia can help

[Modern Workplace]

This isn’t an article about free/busy as it relates to a hybrid, which has been covered in great detail and Microsoft has a troubleshooting wizard published online which helps walk you through a resolution.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions - Nulia

[Modern Workplace]

Nulia Works is a digital enablement platform which measures how users are using Microsoft 365 and offers personalised learnings to help the user with their digital maturity.

Samer Haque


Samer Haque is our Data Migration lead in the Australian region. Starting his career in Engineering, Samer transitioned into IT to pursue new challenges developing a unique combination of both deep technical and business processes skills. He loves the camaraderie of team sports, and this is certainly true of his team at Insentra.

MigrateIT - Samer Haque


In this edition of _____IT, we meet the Insentra Migrations lead in the APAC region, Samer Haque.

Honey, I Shrunk the Enablement Process

[Webinar and Chill]

Microsoft 365 was adopted so users can leverage Teams for remote collaboration. How do you know if the workforce has been enabled effectively?  

Genre: Productivity & Collaboration, Microsoft 365, Change & Adoption 

This webinar is: Fresh, Informative, Funny 

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