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Hybrid Endpoint – To Be or Not to Be

[Modern Workplace]

Well in my case it wasn’t to be, until I found out what the underlying issue was! Read on to find out. Hey folks! Pure Awesomeness back again for 2019 with my first blog post of the year! I can just imagine some of the questions going through your minds…

Identity and Authentication - The Boss of All Bosses

[Modern Workplace]

Hi folks! Pure Awesomeness back again! Yes, I know it’s been a stupid amount of time since my last blog post but I’m back…back again to pump as much knowledge and wisdom into your cerebrums as one individual with the title of Pure Awesomeness can!

Microsoft Teams – The Roadmap Ahead

[Modern Workplace]

Hey folks! Pure Awesomeness here! Hope you’re all continuing to stay healthy and safe during these unique times.

Exchange 2019 – The Beast has Resurfaced

[Cloud and Modern Data Center]

Hi folks! Yep, pure awesomeness here again and no, I’m not here to talk about cross forest this and mail flow that. I’m here to let you all know our good friends at Microsoft have now advised the next release of Exchange server is in public preview!

Rage Against the Corrupted Item


By now you would’ve read my previous blogs where I walked you through completing cross forest mail migrations, setting up cross forest mail flow and implementing this thing called multi-tenancy.

The Beast That is Multi-Tenancy


Hi guys, yep it’s me again…the pure awesomeness that got you through the cross forest migrations. Just when you thought your cerebrum, you know, the large part of your brain that does all the thinking, had just been taken through its paces with trying to memorise cross forest migrations, along comes me again!

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