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Protecting the automation engine – Backup for Ansible AWX Project

[Modern Workplace]

As for any system, AWX (upstream for Ansible Tower) must be protected by means of a consistent and reliable backup. I should not have to stress the importance of this action.

FSLogix Containers Webinar with Aaron Parker

[Modern Workplace]

Join Aaron Parker to learn how to make your O365 perform natively in Virtual desktop Environments using FSLogix.

FSLogix Simplifying Applications with Aaron Parker

[Modern Workplace]

Join Aaron Parker to save time and money by simplifying your Virtual Desktop Environment with Insentra and FSLogix App Masking and Java Version Control.

FSLogix Profile Containers and Office 365 Containers Deployment Guide

[Modern Workplace]

In this article, we’ll cover the considerations for deploying FSLogix Containers to provide a one-stop location for getting up and running quickly.

Running On Borrowed Time: Upgrade Symantec DLP From Oracle 11G To Oracle 12C Now!

[Modern Workplace]

End of life for Oracle 11G in September 2018. Oracle is the backend for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Oracle 11g has been the database provider for DLP since 2013 for DLP version 12.0.

Hybrid: How To Create A Mailbox

[Modern Workplace]

I’ve recently been asked by a customer how they go about creating a new mailbox now that they’re in Office 365. It’s an interesting question because you’d assume you can start creating users and mailboxes right from the Office 365 portal.

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