The Latest Additions to SharePoint 2016: Part 1.0

In our last blog we discussed how Microsoft is shaking up the game with their latest updates to SharePoint. Here, I thought I’d take a chance to discuss my favourite features that make using SharePoint a win for businesses.

It’s no secret that SharePoint has been around for a while, (over a decade in fact) and that it was terrible. But like most products, we powered on through the teeth grinding and stress-induced baldness to power teamwork, automate businesses process and build our intranets. With the kick that Microsoft is giving 0365, SharePoint has become a core component, working seamlessly with the other apps to allow easy editing, sharing, working with teams and making corporate communication easier, more secure and private.

As a believer in Microsoft’s ability to change the game, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things about the SharePoint update. Maybe I can convince you too!

You’re Not Limited to a Desktop in an Office!

Without a doubt, this is my favourite feature. My team are always on the go and we need to be able to access all our files anywhere we need them at any time a customer requests them. We can create, share, collaborate or manage documents from anywhere (with internet) on any device in real-time. If you don’t have internet – no problem because you can also sync your PC and Mac with your offline files on your mobile device. If you want to share the document you’re working on with a specific person you can just flick them an email and they are automatically given permission to access the file.

Intranet: One Team One Dream

Who hasn’t wanted to throw their computer out of a window when it comes to the work intranet? Moving it to the cloud doesn’t always solve your issues. Here at Insentra, one of our company values is ‘One Team One Dream’. I like to think SharePoint adds to our collaborative nature because we can work together on one file in real-time. What’s also cool is your intranet is now more intelligent and personalised based on your activities across the site, people you work with, content you work on and the businesses processes you drive. Brilliant!

SharePoint Mobile App

SharePoint mobile app has been released for Windows, iOS and Android meaning SharePoint is truly mobile. Carrying your files in your pocket with full access to your sites including your on-premises sites is magnificent!

Insentra has full capabilities across the 0365 suite. Look out for SharePoint 2.0 of this blog where I’ll discuss a few more of my favourite features and what’s coming next from SharePoint!

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