Enhanced Support Services

Step up IT delivery with engineering-level support services

Insentra is redefining traditional IT support with Enhanced Support Services (ESS). This proactive support service is backed by our engineers who not only resolve immediate incidents, but work with partners to prevent future challenges.

Take control of IT with proactive support

IT environments are growing in complexity and many organisations do not have the resources to keep IT professionals on staff with deep expertise for every part of their infrastructure. Insentra’s enhanced support services manages important IT needs so clients can concentrate on what their business does best. Our enhanced support team specialises in proactively identifying and resolving IT problems before they become costly business risks. We minimise exposure to downtime and other IT-related business disruptions through proactive maintenance and by holistically managing support requests. We created an ESS team that is not simply service desk people, but are high-end engineers with the same skills and experience as leading IT consultants.

Enhanced Support delivers business benefits

  • Comprehensive, cost-effective support
  • Proven best-practice methodologies
  • Transparent service delivery
  • Innovative processes
  • Tailored to client needs
  • Proactive problem solving

Support from engineers, not agents

Insentra’s ESS practice is driven by engineers, not just “gatekeeper agents” who pass on tickets to technical staff. This makes us unique in the IT industry as most organisations that offer managed services, including vendors, offer reactive support.

  • Citrix, Microsoft and Symantec products
  • Proactive support
  • Engineer-level consultants
  • ITIL-like framework
  • Issue resolution
  • 24/7 “follow the sun”
  • Seamless to end-customers

Predictive Insights and Analytics (PIA)

Do you want to predict future outages before they happen and resolve issues proactively before your business is impacted? Do you want to improve your end user experience and productivity? Do you want access to system performance and trending analysis using customisable dashboards tailored to your requirements? Then read more about PIA here >

To find out how partnering with Insentra’s enhanced support services practice can reduce the IT support and helpdesk burden – and allow you to focus on value-added services – contact us today.

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Messaging Regulatory Compliance

Every organisation is bound by applicable laws, policies and regulations. Failure to adhere to, or comply with, these could result in fines and prohibitions, in other words ‘significant business impact’.