Melissa Grasso

Graphic Designer

Key Insight - Graphic Designer with a passion for art, design and business.

Melissa graduated university with Honours, completing almost 30 courses in art, design and business. She brings experience in print, digital and web design, and technical industry skills in the Adobe software.

A highly motivated individual, Melissa is proving herself as she aims to deliver each brief she is given. Her day to day work is varied, from creating digital documents for sending to clients, to setting up exciting personalised welcome desks for Insentra’s new crew members. If the task has something to do with making things beautiful, she will be involved, and if it doesn’t, she will still help however she can. Melissa enjoys cooking and baking and sees it as yet another outlet to create beautiful things.

Technical Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Design (Honours)
  • Distinction Average Standing
  • Dean’s List Recipient
  • Developing and following branding style guides
  • Presentation slides design
  • Adobe suite including proficiency with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro
  • Competency across the Microsoft Office software
  • An understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript